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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

In this photo I have a midi controller that uses keys instead of sliders and knobs. I like using a keyboard when I'm running applications like Arkaos. Having keys to trigger clips or trigger the live camera feed is a nice way to keep sync with the music from an external source. I usually run a firewire cable from the Edirol PR-80 straight into my laptop running Arkaos, then I create various comps. in the program and trigger the live feed via the keyboard. There are just enough knobs to control the various CC# variables in Arkaos.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Club 1015 on April 15th. While most people were wrapping up their taxes, VideoJon, myself, Sean Cooper and Erik were working around the clock to setup a truly immersive environment. 2 slide projectors were controlled by a dimmer that rotate a picture of a shark and a scuba driver around the room. 4 vertical screens and 2 horizontal screens were flown about the space. The vertical screens in the corners created depth in perception as the viewer was able to see through the horizontal layered screen. We used a total of 14 projectors, 3 laptops, 1 Edirol CG-8 and 2 DVD players. From setup, performance and strike, we spent 22 hours straight inside the club. Slide overlaid on top of video created a seamless image 10ft x 33ft.

What the hell is going on? 6 video projectors, 8 slide projectors 2 10ftx33ft screens hung horizontal.

lightbox in the VJ booth at 1015 for the Marine Parade party w/ Adam Freeland, evil 9, Bassbin Twins

Saturday, April 09, 2005

mixing on the rear view mirror

VJ Culture @ the Red Bull House in Miami during Winter Music Conference.
Checkout and for an archive of the events.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Building Projections in Milwaukee

Outdoor projection campaign for Red Bull in Milwaukee.
I just picked up a 5300 Lumens projector that is liquid cooled. This Panasonic projector has the best scaling and resizing of any projector I have ever seen. It also has great networking capabilities and can be left on for days at a time.
Big thanks to Casey from Simplistik/AVIT North America for helping out and hooking up the projector sale.
We had to purchase a special invertor to handle the power requirements of the projector. We had to use a pure sine wave invertor with at least 1500w min. Special 2 gauge cables were required to deliver the power to the invertor.