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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Roof Top Photo Shoot downtown LA
It's Nov. in LA and it was 90+ degrees on Sat. Fires were burning all over So. Cal. and we were hauling projectors, screens, sandbags, c-stands, high rollers and every piece of production equipment you see in these photos up a ladder.
The plus side of 90 degree temps. is that the evening was warm and pleasant. No jacket, and the models could wear whatever they wanted. Its rarely this warm in July let alone Nov.

David Starfire DJ'd I VJ'd, so I guess it was a posed StarCulture set.
The client (who I won't name until after the campaign releases) gave me full creative control. One of the best clients and production teams I've worked with. Thanks Jessica at Pulse Production.
We had some grand ideas for the projection environment but the rooftop was limited in space so we kept it simple.
I used a triplehead2gocard for the 2 screens and the brick wall projection. The circle screen was running of a single 5k projector.
Big ups to the Parts Dept. (Arcane Solutions) for helping with the install and strike.

Election night Party Castro St. SF CA
John Wood from Lovefest SF asked me if I wanted to participate in a Election Night party on Castro Street. He said if Obama wins its going to be epic. If Prop. 8 fails and Obama win its going to be out of control mayhem.

We all know the outcome by now. These street parties are my favorite party. 1000's of people filling the streets. Rocking out to David Harness and Liam Shy.
We ran a video cable out the window of one of the residents and streamed local news stations on the big screen.
Once we knew Obama had won and 8 was looking to pass I was free to do more of the visual thing.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Skill's Fright Night Nov. 1st w/ Paul van Dyke, Junkie XL

The day began at 8:30AM, Sean and I had been breaking down a Halloween show until 4:00.
Now we had another 20 hours ahead of us. It started with a serious down pour. San Francisco doesn't normally see rain like this.

Our setup was in the beautifully restored Craneway building on the shore of the SF Bay.
This old building once brought cargo in off the ships. Now it hosts events and the craziest aspect to all of this is their floor. Highly polished concrete, it's beautiful but they also require us to lay 4x8 sheets of particle board every time we want to roll a case or scissor-lift across it. We had to wrap the wheels of the scissor-lift with a saran wrap. Seriously, if you are going to have an event space, you can't be so protective of your floors.
For this show we broke out the basic geometric shapes for our screens. A 22ft triangle in the center of the stage, two 10' circle screens and long strips of fabric aligned to make a traditional rectangle screen on the outside. Any of the geometric shaped screens could have their own mix.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Halloween in SF

I participated in this year's Halloween SF put on by the City of San Francisco and the Entertainment Commission.
I provided a inflatable screen and projector for running Halloweenish movies.
The inflatable screen is rated up to 25mph winds. That's what we had.
The screen was whipping and bouncing around. I had my finger on the switch ready to kill the blowers at any minute. The screen surface itself is a 4 way stretch material fastened to the frame. It was stretching/billowing 7ft out in front of the frame. Very trippy for watch movies. Talk about true 3D.
It was a cold and windy night by the bay. It was the first time the city has tried to hold a civic halloween party in the ATT Ball Park parking lot.