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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Renegade video projections

Here is a pic of the inverter, projector and laptop. We are renegade on top of a roof over looking the Art, Eats and Beats in Pontiac MI. At one point the promoter of the event saw the projections and started screaming in frustration. Pepsi was their sponsor. Casey from Simplistiks working the magic on the inverter. Down below 200,000 people are milling about.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Detroit Outdoor Projection

Outdoor projections for Red Bull in Detroit. I'm using a 5000 lumen projector that pulls 9amps. I was using a super powerful inverter and pulling power directly from the car's power but the 9amps are too much for the car's power. So I bought a honda 2000w gas powered inverter that is super quite. It does the job nicely and I still have power for a small sound system.

Please Vote!

It's that time of year again.
UK's DJ Mag is selecting it's 100 DJ's and last year they had the top 20 VJ's. In 2005 Dimension 7 was voted number 7 worldwide. Last year's selection was voted on by a jury of top VJ related industry figures. This year they are opeing it up to the public to vote.
The voting is based on how much the VJ has contributed to the VJ community, the artists public profile and aesthetic.
Go to the link and vote for your top 5.
Now for my own selfish promotion, please vote for me. :-)
I often play the roll as both curator, organizer and artists. The balance between creator and administrator is a hard balance to maintain. However, the reward of promoting the VJ community to a larger audience has been a motivating factor in my work.