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Friday, March 21, 2008

Facebook Party during SXSW

Facebook hired Lumens to create a branded environment for a series of parties during SXSW in Austin TX.
Our challenge was to use the existing space and brand it tastefully. The challenging part was the space itself.

I used Modul8 software to create the masks and replicate the logos on the sails. Then I rendered it to disk and made DVD's for the 4 projectors. The sails flanked the sides of the room and we used blue LED color washes to tint the room blue.

Amsterdam and the rise of the VJ
In my free time during my travels I like to photograph street art and examine club flyers. One, for their design but two, to see if they list the VJs on the flyer. From my experience, Tokyo and Amsterdam seem to have the highest number of VJ listings on the flyers.

David Starfire and I took some time to explore Amsterdam after Musikmesse.
We met some incredible people and enjoyed exploring the city.

Cat in a store front window.
Cats are all over Amsterdam due to a rodent problem. (better than pesticides

Monday, March 17, 2008

StarCulture rocks Musikmesse 08

Pictures from StarCulture set at Musikmesse Frankfurt Germany

David Starfire and I performed 3 times a day at the Edirol booth.
Using the Edirol V8 and P-10 (Just released this week), along with the CG-8 and
David was using Ableton Live, Roland Hansonic, PCR-300 and a bass guitar.
MIDI was sent back and forth controlling and syncing the visuals and audio.
Ableton acted as the main backbone for MIDI.
In the near future I'll release a youtube video of mapping Ableton midi patterns to the CG-8. It's opened a whole new world for me.
David and I met some wonderful people at Musikmesse, now we are off to Amsterdam.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

new Edirol products
I'm working the show right now. I'll give a review later.
P-10 SD card visual presenter

The V8, the big brother to the V4

The back of the V8
The VGA acts as a scan converter.

Back of the P-10

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring Schedule and it's looking Great!!
March 9th-11th
SXSW, 2 events for Facebook at Pangea in Austin TX.
Lumens will provide visual support for 2 days of Facebook events.
Then, on the 12th we move it all to the Red Bull Moontower until the 15th.
At the same time
I head to Frankfurt Germany
March 11th-15th
Musikmesse Frankfurt
It's like NAMM but bigger, smokeier, louder.
David Starfire and I will be unveiling new Roland/Edriol products for the VJ community.
(I'll have photos and reviews on the day of the release).
David and I will be presenting, "StarCulture" our A/V collaboration
March 26th-30th
WMC Miami Beach
Remix Hotel is hosting another 4 days of conferences, demos, classes and best of all....Beatport's poolside parties. (more to come on the artist performing)
I'll be working with Edirol to curate and manage 12 VJ's over the coarse of 4 days.
April 2-9th
Maui HI
Video shoots for Xarene's thesis and documentation of interactive pods.
April 22-25th
Houston TX
Video shoots for Red Bull Art of Can. (More green screen 360 artwork shoots)
May 24th
San Francisco CA
Skills presents Electro Techno POP.
Now at the Cow Palace with 15,000 raving kids.
3 rooms of immersive environments
May 28th -31st
404 Festival
StarCulture Live A/V with David Starfire and VJ Culture
June 13-16th
Istanbul Turkey
VJ Fest.