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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Facebook F8 Developers Conference

April 21st 2010 SF CA

F8 Installation wall. Facebook Developers Conference 2010 from VJ Culture on Vimeo.

It took two months to pull this together. A team of 10. 5 from Facebook and 5 from my team. Full credits at the end of the video.
Facebook wanted to create a large scale projection that simulated the effect of the war room in War Games. (Notice the tic tax toe?). 12 picture in pictures, because that is all the Spyder system could handle. Actually, I had to create a few more Picture in Pictures and cheat it using Modul8.
The two outside windows were processing sketches created by Wayne Fan and Gleb Denisov. The far right window was a schedule and map of the conference. The arching lines were a visualization of the movement of attendees. The attendees were issued an RFID chip that they could register to their profile. Numerous RFID readers were placed around the venue. As the chips were scanned the data was sent to the processing app which then visualized the movement.
The chips could also be used to transmit photobooth pictures to attendees profile page as tags. All the attendee needed to do was touch the reader with their RFID chip and the photobooth did the rest. This portion of the project was headed by Facebook's Everett Katigbak and Ben Berry.
Additional windows included satellite tracking visualizer, tic tac toe, global facebook visualizer, 3d waveform visualizer by Mr. Doob, maps to the after party, realtime photo updates by a roaming photographer (Steve Maller) and the qualla bear which was intended to be a place holder but when CEO Mark Zuckerburg saw it, he suggested we keep it.
All the Spyder System control was handled by Creative Technologies Bruce Wheaton.
The full credits are listed here.
Credits In Alphabetical order
Ben Barry
Bruce Wheaton
Everett Katigbak
Gleb Denisov
Grant Davis
Julia Lam
John Taylor
Lee Byron
Mr. Doob
Raquel DiSabatino
Wayne Fan
Xarene Eskandar