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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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Here is some video of POP 09.
Found this on flickr.

Monday, June 22, 2009

TTD 2009 by inflatabill

Here's a clear shot of the shadow box screen's Inflatabill made for the Techno Tribal stage.

I found this on Flickr Launch party SF 6/20/09

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I was brought in to do visuals for the 92.7 FM Launch Party for Pride Week SF.
Turn off the audio and just watch the visuals.
It was a 7 hour set and I was mixing from preview monitors all night long. They had set up a curtain last minute blocking my view of the screens.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Harmony Fest. Techno Tribal Weekend
More pics on my flickr page.
We (Lumens) were contracted to do Techno Tribal at Health and Harmony Fest in Santa Rosa.

The install began on Thursday afternoon for Sean Cooper and myself. I hit the road from LA at 5:30AM to head up to SF and load up the cars. From there we drove another hour and a half to Santa Rosa north of San Francisco. We started installing at 3:00PM and worked until 1:00AM. It was a very long day. 6 screens and 4 separate feeds.
Friday we came in the afternoon to finish off building the VJ suite. That in it's self was a big task.

On the VJ table
4 V4's
3 Korg Kaptivators
3 Macbook Pros
1 V8
1 8x8 Matrix router
4 DVD players
6 monitors
1 Edirol CG8
1 UC-33 midi controller
Plus, the live camera suite next to us from Toshi.

Why so much gear?
Well, we had 2 IMAG (Live camera screens) on the right and left of the stage. 2 shadow box screens (w/ a custom mask) see the upside down tear shaped inflatable screen, 1 circle screen, with a Om symbol alpha channeled on top of a circle mask and a panel screen up stage center. 4 streams from 6 mixers over two days.

Friday night was mostly live acts, Sat. was mostly DJs and dance performers, etc.
Sat. we arrived at 5PM to set up. Doors were at 8:30 and the party went until 3:00AM. We felt it was in our best interest to strike everything that night so it was 6:00AM before our heads hit the pillow. It's amazing how fast you work after an all night event when you want to get some sleep.

Credit to Bill Kennedy (Inflatabill) for all the inflatable screens and objects and Zack for the amazing event production. It was a great team of people.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Touring with Sharam from Deep Dish
I've been touring with Sharam from Deep Dish this spring. I have so much to write about that I've postponed writing it. Pics and videos to come soon.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Red Bull MoonTower SXSW Austin Tx
check the link for pics of Red Bull Moontower @ SXSW Austin TX 2009
It was a huge project that had been on the table since last fall.
LED in cubes are nothing new but Parts (John Taylor) worked out a new patch in Jitter to sync the color schemes of the LEDs inside the cubes with the averaging of the colors from the Live VJ mix. Meaning the LEDs inside the cubes were video addressable and matching (at times) the vj mix on the screens. (That is new, and to my knowledge) had not been done before.
We used Element Labs versa-rays for our lighting element. Jitter snarfed out the colors of the VJ mix and sent the average color to the animations coloring the Versa-Rays. 52 cubes in all. Sustainable Waves provided the cubes and LEDs. (In addition to the property the event was held on).
We also had 6 screens and projectors surrounding the property. The event was live for 4 nights.

Video shoot by Parts

Skills POP 09 @ Cow Palace SF CA

Epic installation for Skills POP. The Skills crew always wants to out do the last production with even a bigger or more complicated production.
This year, a 40+ft 360 rotating stage in the middle of the arena.

The DJ makes a full 360 every 7 minutes. This required 360 sound, lighting and visual.
For visual we had 4 15x20' screens in each corner, 6 DL1 projectors seamlessly projecting on the upper chandelier with the ability to project onto the crowd and outer walls of the arena. We needed two separate mixes to feed both the 15x20's screens and the chandelier.
Noah and I feed the screens for the night but we also had two other rooms at the festival.

In one room a 6x20ft LED screen and two flanking screens to the stage. Kevlar held down the visuals in that room while Sean mixed the other room with wide array of screens behind the whole stage.

Installing such a huge event is always a challenge. We had Friday and Sat. to install. 1000's of feet of BNC and RGBHV cable. I think the cable is what took up most of the room in the vehicles.
It was full on Raver Fest. Most people thought this had died out.

This was a tough weekend. Thursday night Sean and I had a gig for Red Bull at the Academy of Science in SF Golden Gate Park. Early Friday morning we were installing at the Cow palace. We were there a good 14 hours. Then Sat. back to finish install and then went straight into the event. At. 5AM I laid down for an hour and then headed to the airport to head to Detroit for DEMF and two more days of madness.
See next post.
You can see more of my photos on flickr.

New Interview on

Like the ghetto fab shade covers for my macs. Daytime VJing directly under the sun.
The interview was conducted in Detroit during DEMF (Movement). This interview was after doing an all night event in SF the night before, going straight to the airport to catch a plane to Detroit and going straight to the stage for another 2 days.