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Friday, May 27, 2005

and of course I will be giving a demo of the CG-8.

Video Salon June 7th 2005

We have been talking about it for years, finally it's now happening. Midi has been intergrated into Motion and Final Cut Pro can switch between camera angles. Currently, I use Final Cut in my VJ setup. I like streaming DV res images over firewire. It reduces the load on my graphics card and keeps my images clean.
On Tuesday June 7th Video Salon is proud to have Barry Munsterteiger demo Motion 2 with midi and Final Cut Pro 5.

Video Salon
Over 5 years old
Tuesday June 7th 2005
150 Folsom St. (@ Spear st.)
$5.00 suggested donation
Cheap drinks

Bring your laptops and unplug, free wireless.
Plus, bring your media for jamming
Demos this month
Motion 2 w/ midi
Final Cut Pro 5 for live environments
Demonstrator Barry Munsterteiger
(teiger design)
Is an animator/designer, he as worked with Motion 2 extensively and is one of the first to demonstrate how Motion and Final Cut Pro can be used in live environments.
Barry will demonstrate Motion 2 with the Evolution UC-33e and Evolution MK425c
The new features in Final Cut Pro will allow users to switch between camera angles, up to 16 angles at a time.

Hardware demo Edirol CG-8 by VJ Culture.
As much as we wanted to we couldn�t show you the CG-8 last Video Salon. Now we can, come checkout the latest by Edirol

This is going to be a big one! (Held during Apple�s WWDC).

Plus, our resident DJ's
Alaric and the IK crew



Video Salon is an open community of visual artists
representing SF's thriving VJ scene. Video Salon is YOU.

The event is hosted at Dimension7, a San Francisco VJ

What is Video Salon?

Video Salon is an open community of video artists who
come together monthly to share ideas, show their work and collaborate with other artists in an informal and social setting.
We have 3 video mixing stations setup for anyone and
everyone to show their own work.
Mix video live to the DJ�s or do your own thing.


To embrace a broad spectrum of time based visual
artists including CG artists, experimental filmmakers, live visual performance artists and installation builders.

To promote technical experimentation and aesthetic
development within our community.

To create an open dialog encouraging mutually
beneficial critique, cross-pollination and collaboration

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ascension 5 LA stage

Never mind the aerial performers, I'm trying to find the best picture I have of the stage. I'm always so busy working the event I rarely have time to take pictures.
On one of the screens we had setup a mock amber alert sign. People could text message to the screen. The font and style of the screen looked like an amber alert sign. (You can see a corner of that screen in this picture. Off to the far left.

Red Bull Ascension 5 LA

Wow, what a week. I arrived in LA on Monday afternoon after driving down from San Francisco. During my drive I hooked up two DV cameras. One pointing out the front window on a tripod and the other pointing out the back window. I then digitized the camera feed straight to my powerbook and the edirol PR-80. 5.5 hours of content. When I arrived in LA I started editing and speeding up the footage so the drive time was about 6 and a half minutes. Tuesday morning we started setup for Red Bull Ascension 5 (LA). Ascension for the past four years has been in San Francisco and this was the first time Ascension has happened in LA.
Everyday I would get up at 8:00 and edit until 10:00AM when the venue opened and we could start setup. Brien from OVT and I would work from 10:00AM until midnight. Then I would go home and edit until 4:00am. We did this Tues. Wed. and on Thursday (show day) I edited in the morning and then was working at the venue for 20 straight hours. This was a 17 projector setup we screens that had to be hung as well. All cables were routed overhead so you can see why it was such an intense setup. The stage looked like the Hollywood squares stage and in the top 3 panels we had screens. In each cube there were performances throughout the night.
In this picture you can see Brien's circular screen and the 5 stage screens. The content on the screens is vello's from V Sq. Labs. We had to dead hang the 16ft radius screen, that took 2 days to setup about 6 people to bring it down. Ascension is one of those events where there are over a 100 artists involved and the months of planning. Every inch of the space is consumed with some form of art. More links to pictures coming soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ascension 5 LA May 19th

Now in it's 5th year. Red Bull Ascension has moved to LA. This time around I'm working with OVT Visuals and Vello from V Squared Labs along with VJ Arcane.
We have a sick setup and I'm sure I'll post pictures as soon as I return. Plus, I designing custom content for 3 tracks from Bassnectar, a special time lapse drive of my trip from SF to LA.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Federal Appeals Court Scraps FCC's Broadcast Flag Mandate

As Nelson would Say, Ha Hah! to Hollywood. Federal Appeals Court Scraps FCC's Broadcast Flag Mandate. checkout the full story here.
Mad props to the for all their hardwork helping people everywhere to build HD recorder boxes without the broadcast flag. Video Salon was/is going to hold a build session in June... We will wait and see, I'm sure Hollywood isn't going to let this go. But, for now we can celebrate.

Monday, May 02, 2005

How Weird

Once again Howeird Street faire took over the streets of San Francisco. Now in it's 6th year. We setup a 20x20 tent in the middle of the intersection surrounded by 4 sound systems. Inside the tent we blogged, VJ'ed and chatted online all via a wireless connection. 1000's of freaks showed up to dance in the streets of SF.
There are a few street fairs in San Francisco where dancing naked in the street is acceptable, Halloween, Decompression, Folsom St. Fair, Pride, How Weird and Bay to Breakers.
movies to come soon.