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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Beatport Beach Party WMC Miami 2010
One of my favorite parties of the year. Beatport brings out the sun, fun and stellar DJ line up from artists around the world.

Beatport Beach Party WMC Miami 2010 from VJ Culture on Vimeo.

At times I used Modul8 to split the screen between the front DJ booth and the screen behind the DJs.
Dealing with marketing peeps and brand management can sometimes be a challenge at sponsored events.
One particular brand wanted to see their 1 minute DVD loop up on the screen for the first 45 minutes of every DJs set. I had to inform this person that most of these DJs were only playing 45 minute sets. Additionally, this brand wasn't even the title sponsor.
Any marketing managers reading this blog... The best branding comes when the brand contributes not only financially to the event (that gets their foot in the door) but brings added value. Red Bull does this well with their branding infrastructure, i.e. DJ booths, tent structures, tables or, Heineken's 360 visual dome. Having a 1 minute DVD looping for 45 minutes does just the opposite. Guests are getting a negative brand experience at that point.
Needless to say, they didn't get the 45 minutes of Clockwork Orange, eye popping logo injections. Instead I worked it in on DJ change overs and track breakdowns.