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Friday, August 19, 2005

Upcoming Events

Sept. 2-10th Outdoor building projection for Red Bull Dragster Days - Detroit MI
Sept. 23rd Love Parade Official After Party San Francisco CA
Sept. 24-Oct. 9th Outdoor building projections for Red Bull Air Races - Bay Area, CA. Reno NV.
Oct. 5-9th Hatch Fest. - Bozeman Mt.
Oct. 14th-17th Xingolati boat cruise - Long Beach CA to Ensenada Mexico (
Oct. 18th-25th Lightrhythm Visuals Release party - Tokyo Japan
Oct. 31st Halloween in the Castro (Vjing for half million people in the streets) - San Francisco CA
Nov. 5th-7th Remix Hotel LA

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Get Freaky June 2005 @ 1015

I have to give it up to DJ Goldilox for taking this picture. She is an amazing DJ and photographer. checkout her pics at Anyway here is a picture from the Get Freaky at 1015 in June. I create 3 circles that hung above the DJ booth. At times I had live camera feeds of the DJ in the center screen and flash animation of the DJ's name on the outside circle screens. To achieve this I used a mac laptop running Arkaos. I sent a mix to the laptop through the V4 mixer and then converted it to firewire through a dv bridge. Then the signal went out the s-video port straight to the projector. The room had other screens as well. You can see those in the background. I could put up different signals because I was using two V4 mixers. I had live camera on each side of the DJ. Quick cuts from right to left camera gave the live feeds a litttle extra.

The big bad Dell logo

The problem was that it was really crowded in the booth and people kept bumping into my laptop. This would cause the svideo cable to fall out of the back of the laptop and then the projector would go into default no signal mode. A huge Dell logo would project on the DJ booth with blinding white background. This happened twice and I decided it was in the best interest of the party to power down the projector so it didn't happen again. The crowd would boo when the logo went up. Days later I was reading one of the forums on tribe regarding the event. This guy actually thought it was a paid promotion for Dell.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Morning carnage. The dance floor was packed at 6:00AM. These boyz know how to party. Sean Cooper and I started Setup on Friday morning. We worked until 1:00AM that night. We started again Saturday morning at 11:00 and worked until Noon on Sunday. More than 24 hours on our feet running around in soft sand. I have to give it to Sean. He worked his butt off. Without him we wouldn't have pulled it off.

The lighting company installed a sharktooth scrim for the projectors. Due to the possible high winds coming off the beach. It almost seemed like 10,000 lumens was not enough. This shot was taken just before sunrise.

This is a pic of the Absolutely Fabulous booth. Notice the razor blade sticking out of the mirror coffee table.

From the inside of the booth at sunrise.

Picture of the DJ VJ and lighting booth. Each of us had our own room.

Sean and I had to wire 21 plasma screens. each tent had it's own plasma. Each tent also had it's own theme from a TV show. The hard part was digging ditches in the sand for the cables. As much sand falls back into the ditch as you dig out. It's like digging 3 ditches for every one.

A shot from the dance floor

For the first couple of hours we had Miss Richfield 1981 as our host. Sean Cooper on camera followed Miss Richfield around the event. She had me rolling on the floor.

TV was the theme. Not a hard theme to find content for.

Paul from CTA lasers (D7) shows off some tunnels as the doors open.

Just before the doors open.

The dance floor tent was lowered to install the lighting and projectors. Walking on sand for 3 days is exhuasting. Your shoes are continuely filled with sand.

The beach was only 30ft away, but I was so busy for the first 2 days that I never got my feet in the water until after the event.

July 31st Fire Pine Island Party on the beach on an island off the island of Long Island. 2 5K projectors double stacked for 10,000 lumens of brightness. 21 plasma screens stretching out over 500ft. 6 DA's and 1000's of feet of BNC cable. Not to mention a full video suite. All of this was carried on the plane.
Jet Blue, it's the only way to fly. TV's for each seat and they let you bring 3 bags at a max of 70lbs each. More than any other airline.