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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Once again it's NAMM Tradeshow time. visit
Over a 1500 booths and 85,000 plus visitors on the first day.
Roland had me chained to a booth. If I am going to be working any booth at NAMM it's going to be the Roland booth. Check it out.

Here is a close up of the booth

I was using a new PCR 500 keyboard with crossfader and SP606 sampler to trigger and control effects in motion.dive. The SP606 was triggering pattern samples and firing off the video clips via Vlink and MIDI.

Honestly, not a lot of new stuff out there. I thought the same thing last year.
The hottest stuff was right next to me. Like the Edirol new PR1000 It's like the PR80 that I use all the time but HD and SD.

The back is going to have different I/O's I hear.

It is built on a microsoft platform so it's not confined to the B OS which limited the hard drive size plus numerous other issues. The new PR1000 has two harddrive bays and can hold over a tb of clips.

same interface as the PR50 and it can do multiple HD formats.

Edirol also released a slick new 1U rackmount VC-300HD. A multi format convertor with SDI, firewire, SD, HD, DV HDV conversions.

Plus, an audio delay. An important feature if you are doing live A/V and you need to sync that audio back up with the video.

The backside offers all the I/O's

Monday, January 22, 2007

Video Salon pics

Video salon was a huge success. We had great turnout, attendees were heard saying that there was more useful information give out at video salon than all of Macworld.
Here are some pics of the event.