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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Goldie 2

Here is a set of pictures from an installation I did with "Goldie2", my gold fish.
I used 5 video projectors, 2 MX-50 mixers, 2 laptops running Arkaos VJ, my motorized car mirror installation, 1 blender, 2 fish, a live camera, a inflatable pod and my circles installation.
The live camera was zoomed in on Goldie2 which was rotating on a mirror ball platform.
The live camera was fed into two laptops running the same VJ application. At the same time
the camera feeds were also sent to two Panasonic MX-50 mixers which created a realtime mask and multipled effect.
The Arkaos VJ application was triggered by a midi keyboard (PCR-30) which controlled various effects in realtime. The keyboard was also connected to the blender where one of the two
fish resided. If a viewer hit the key marked, "Danger, do not hit this key!" a sound of a blender
would come over the sound system and a realtime visual effect of the fish being blended would
be projected on the installations. This startled numerous viewers as they thought they were chopping up the fish.
The motorize car mirrors were controllable by the viewer as well. They could move 4 seperate images
around the room via the car mirror control.
22 images total were being projected simutaniously.
As the fish would swim from one side of the camera frame to the other the whole room would shift in color.

the blender and keyboard

The fish bowl and mirror installation

Goldie2 in the circles

12 circles

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Here are a couple of pics of the installation VideoJon and I worked on. Jon focused on the scrim and projectors, I focused on the brain transplant device. There are cameras inside the spheres that project the face of each person inside on the opposing sphere. Plus, images of neurons and synapses.
The scrim was in multiple layers and weaved around the room with hard right angles that created double or triple layers. We used 3 video projectors and 6 slide projectors
photos by

the brain transplant device @ Aranji

Aranji @ Mighty Feb. 12th 2005

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Sat. Feb 12th my partner in crime VideoJon and I are creating an installation for Aranji @ Club Mighty here in SF.
The Aranji folks are a treat to work with. They put the visual stimuli equal to the audio talents.
Our theme is, "Inside the Brain"
We are creating multiple layers of images neurons and cell structures on scrim using video and slide.
On stage I will unveil a new brain transplant installation. If you can't make it to the show I will have pictures after the weekend.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Feb. 5th 2005
World Spirit screening and after-party.
This is a project I worked on last year. I was asked to create a 3 screen setup for Alex Grey's World Spirit event. It was a love hate relationship with the project.
Alex's still images were huge. 35-65mb a piece. We had to use animation codecs because anything else looked like crap. Alex's work has lots of fine lines and details that look terrible when scaled down. It took over 300gb of store for the project. Then on the final day we lost 100's of gb's due to filling up the drives. The end result was a show that didn't always have motion in the video. I worked for weeks on the project with Ben Sheppee. We got about 12 hours a sleep in one week. The final days we didn't sleep for two days.
That was the hate.
The love was working side by side with Alex Grey. He spent numerous hours in the studio with us helping us edit and reformat his work. He is a truly amazing individual.
So with strong emotion I finally get to see the screening of the event.
I encourage anyone in the SF Bay area to come out.

Here are the details
Saturday February 5th, 2005
WORLDSPIRIT DVD RELEASE & SCREENING (film description below)
Please join us in celebrating the official launch of the Worldspirit
Worldspirit Director & performer Kenji Williams will appear live and in
person for a panel discussion, live performance & signing of the DVD.
($10 Entrance fee. Snacks served.)

San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall Theater
- 800 Chestnut St. San Francisco (Near Columbus & Chestnut in

7:30pm Doors Open
8:00 WORLDSPIRIT Film Screening
9:05 Kenji Williams & Worldspirit Producer, Eric Kalabacos discussion
10:00 Kenji Williams short in-theater live audio visual show
11:00 Doors Close - head over to the afterparty!

*Screening event ticketholders get a free pass to the afterparty!*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Fluffy Evil productions present the WORLDSPIRIT LAUNCH AFTERPARTY:
Infinite Kaos warehouse in SF. 136 Taylor St. SF
$10 (SFAI Screening event ticketholders get in free)

Live Performances by
KENJI WILLIAMS (progressive techno violin)
ZOE KEATING (looping cello)
Adnan (LUSH)
Syd Gris (Opel/Opulent Temple)
Rhythmystic (Beatstream/Rhythm Society)
Ammon (Rhythm Society)
Jacaranda ( SF)
Dj Pacwan (
Ezra (Rhythm Society)