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Monday, September 01, 2008

Skills Carnival -Regency Ballroon SF CA

There was something different about San Francisco this Labor Day. There were more locals in town. I'd like to hear what kind of attendance they got at Burning Man this year. A number of die-hard burners told me they weren't going this year. As I drove around San Francisco I noticed it was just as hard to find parking as any other weekend. Normally San Francisco on Labor Day feels like a much more comfortable. Call it,"Staycation". Either way I decided not to go to The Burn this year and opted to make money instead of spend it.

Skills and Spundae's hosted party at the Regency, Sean Cooper and I worked our magic on 10 large screen displays. Mixing two signals separately across the 10 LCD's.

Sat. was a long day but a short trip. I picked up the rental car at 8:00AM, arrived in SF by 2:30. Setup the show by 7:00 and was back for the start of the event by 9:30. The party was over by 4:00, we wrapped until 5:00AM.
The next day I was packing by 1:00PM and on the road back to LA by 2:30. Home by 8:00PM.
Maybe it was the trip, the long haul up and down hwy 5, either way it triggered my brain and the creative tea pot is whistling.