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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Goldie 2

Here is a set of pictures from an installation I did with "Goldie2", my gold fish.
I used 5 video projectors, 2 MX-50 mixers, 2 laptops running Arkaos VJ, my motorized car mirror installation, 1 blender, 2 fish, a live camera, a inflatable pod and my circles installation.
The live camera was zoomed in on Goldie2 which was rotating on a mirror ball platform.
The live camera was fed into two laptops running the same VJ application. At the same time
the camera feeds were also sent to two Panasonic MX-50 mixers which created a realtime mask and multipled effect.
The Arkaos VJ application was triggered by a midi keyboard (PCR-30) which controlled various effects in realtime. The keyboard was also connected to the blender where one of the two
fish resided. If a viewer hit the key marked, "Danger, do not hit this key!" a sound of a blender
would come over the sound system and a realtime visual effect of the fish being blended would
be projected on the installations. This startled numerous viewers as they thought they were chopping up the fish.
The motorize car mirrors were controllable by the viewer as well. They could move 4 seperate images
around the room via the car mirror control.
22 images total were being projected simutaniously.
As the fish would swim from one side of the camera frame to the other the whole room would shift in color.

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