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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Get Freaky June 2005 @ 1015

I have to give it up to DJ Goldilox for taking this picture. She is an amazing DJ and photographer. checkout her pics at Anyway here is a picture from the Get Freaky at 1015 in June. I create 3 circles that hung above the DJ booth. At times I had live camera feeds of the DJ in the center screen and flash animation of the DJ's name on the outside circle screens. To achieve this I used a mac laptop running Arkaos. I sent a mix to the laptop through the V4 mixer and then converted it to firewire through a dv bridge. Then the signal went out the s-video port straight to the projector. The room had other screens as well. You can see those in the background. I could put up different signals because I was using two V4 mixers. I had live camera on each side of the DJ. Quick cuts from right to left camera gave the live feeds a litttle extra.

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