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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Skills Electro Techno Disco love 2/16/08
Feb. 16th 2008
Electro Techno Disco Love SF @ Regency Ballroom.
Animation of the flyer. Individual DJ name titles were also animated based off the design elements of the flyer. (I love it when they give me layered photoshop files of the artwork). that didn't happen this time.

For the main stage we had 2 8ft spheres in the upper corner of the stage provided by Inflate-a-bil.
3 screen surrounding the DJ booth on stage. The content could be separated for the spheres and screens. Mixing and matching at times.
As you can see in one of these videos. The LD was using the strobe effect WAY TOO much. All night long! I had to wear sunglasses because the strobes were positioned right next to the screens. LDs, take note.... Strobes are for accenting the environment. Maybe used 2 or 3 times during the coarse of the night. Not, for constant strobing to the beat.
It was a long night of mixing, (7 hours straight).
Sean Cooper held down the house room (As this party had 3 rooms and 3000 kids).
Since I was tied to the VJ suite I never took any photos of house room.
The theme was Valentine. Pinks, flowers, hearts, etc.
The audio is poorly recorded because it was captured on my digital still camera.

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