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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Red Bull MoonTower SXSW Austin Tx
check the link for pics of Red Bull Moontower @ SXSW Austin TX 2009
It was a huge project that had been on the table since last fall.
LED in cubes are nothing new but Parts (John Taylor) worked out a new patch in Jitter to sync the color schemes of the LEDs inside the cubes with the averaging of the colors from the Live VJ mix. Meaning the LEDs inside the cubes were video addressable and matching (at times) the vj mix on the screens. (That is new, and to my knowledge) had not been done before.
We used Element Labs versa-rays for our lighting element. Jitter snarfed out the colors of the VJ mix and sent the average color to the animations coloring the Versa-Rays. 52 cubes in all. Sustainable Waves provided the cubes and LEDs. (In addition to the property the event was held on).
We also had 6 screens and projectors surrounding the property. The event was live for 4 nights.

Video shoot by Parts

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Look s like a great show! You got to post BEFORE it happens too, in case you know, we want to attend.