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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

interview w/ AntiVJ, me and VJ Spetto (Brazil)
This was shoot at the Red Bull House of Art just before the AntiVJ workshop.

AntiVJ, Grant Davis e VJ Spetto - Red Bull House of Art from Red Bull House of Art on Vimeo.

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CaroLine Gabani said...

Oh! You are one of the artists in the Red Bull House of Art?! I can't believe! I loved your work!
When I saw the entry on MTV talking about the project, I got gorgeous 'bout it! I said: "oh, amazing!" -- street art, visual art, your work as well, and all the others... I still intend to go see the project this weekend. I'm looking forward for it since the entry on tv!
Hah, I'm gonna ask you an autograph, ok? :D

Hope see you there,
Coral, São Paulo fan
[oh, poor english of mine, I'm sorry]