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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Red Bull Ascension 5 LA

Wow, what a week. I arrived in LA on Monday afternoon after driving down from San Francisco. During my drive I hooked up two DV cameras. One pointing out the front window on a tripod and the other pointing out the back window. I then digitized the camera feed straight to my powerbook and the edirol PR-80. 5.5 hours of content. When I arrived in LA I started editing and speeding up the footage so the drive time was about 6 and a half minutes. Tuesday morning we started setup for Red Bull Ascension 5 (LA). Ascension for the past four years has been in San Francisco and this was the first time Ascension has happened in LA.
Everyday I would get up at 8:00 and edit until 10:00AM when the venue opened and we could start setup. Brien from OVT and I would work from 10:00AM until midnight. Then I would go home and edit until 4:00am. We did this Tues. Wed. and on Thursday (show day) I edited in the morning and then was working at the venue for 20 straight hours. This was a 17 projector setup we screens that had to be hung as well. All cables were routed overhead so you can see why it was such an intense setup. The stage looked like the Hollywood squares stage and in the top 3 panels we had screens. In each cube there were performances throughout the night.
In this picture you can see Brien's circular screen and the 5 stage screens. The content on the screens is vello's from V Sq. Labs. We had to dead hang the 16ft radius screen, that took 2 days to setup about 6 people to bring it down. Ascension is one of those events where there are over a 100 artists involved and the months of planning. Every inch of the space is consumed with some form of art. More links to pictures coming soon.

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