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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Modified V4

Yeeeah, that's right boiii!!! Ba da bling bling!! It had to be done at some point. Notice the little jewels on the ends of the T-bar. Now that's Liberace style. The angle T-bar was modified by Sam at Club Science. I asked him to build me an anatomically correct T-bar function for right handed flippers like me. The gold knobs are custom knobs for guitars. More diamonds to come.
WARNING: you will void all warranty by doing this. The V4 has it's motherboard attached to the top cover, so you have to dismantle everything to paint the cover.
Or you can buy the V4 overlays directly from Edirol for $50.00.
Now all I need is a phat gold chain so I can wear this thing around my neck. Ever Since that Public Enemy show in NYC last week I've been inspired.

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