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Monday, June 27, 2005

Google Video Player

Google introduced today it's new video search engine. It allows the user to search for videos that have been uploaded to it's server. checkout
For the past 4 months users have been able to upload video in mp4 format to Google's server. Now you can view the movies using Google's own video player that is embedded in the browser. You will need to download the player first.
As a content creator you have the choice of setting a fee for people to view your videos or it can be free. Google will take a small percentage of the fee. Not sure what that is yet.
This will be a great tool for showcasing demo reels and projects with clients.
In my previous post I mentioned I am working on a Red Bull VJ mix. I will upload the video for the client to view and pull it as soon as they have checked it out.
I did a basic search for the term "VJ" at 9:30AM PST. There were only 36 movies that came back. Only 5 or 6 on them were actually a VJ mix or demo.
Since the VJ community is one of the first to embrace new technology like this I'm sure within a month we will see significant growth in VJ demo reels.
I checked out a couple of videos this morning. They all loaded within a couple of seconds. Quality varied due to the original content. I have uploaded two videos. One is the Tech TV coverage of Video Salon and Video Riot. (Do I have the rights to show this? It's questionable, however, most of the footage they are using I do have the rights to). The other video is a music video I did for Ben Sheppee's Hidden Partition DVD. (Audio is by Park Ranger). Now I'll wait and see how long it takes to be displayed on the Google site.

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