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Sunday, July 17, 2005

3 weeks
It took Google 3 weeks to post the footage of Tech TV and video riot.
It's free to view. I also uploaded a track I did for Ben Sheppee's Hidden Partition DVD.
I set the viewing price at .10 It's still not live. I think Google is having problems working out the pay structure. Additionally, I saw a report that someone hacked the system and had a code for viewing paid movies for free.
I've moved to LA for the summer. Finally got DSL, it's amazing how dependent one becomes to the internet. Maps, email, news, etc.
On an unrelated note: I had my inline skates stolen today. I caught the guy 3 miles away. It was so random, I saw him go down an alley while I was driving by. After some yelling the sucker had to walk home in his socks.
Arkaos 3.5 is out. So far I'm enjoying the new freeframe effects. It's about time!!

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