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Monday, April 17, 2006

Saturday April 15th Fort Mason (SF CA)
VJ Culture was hired by Flavor Group who was hired by The Attik who was hired by Scion who is basically Toyota to throw a massive event that embraces dance culture. Checkout
The venue is massive, Toshi Hoo of Hoo Media and I spent 3 days setting up for the event. Over 1500 ft of BNC cable run to 7 projectors and 2 plasmas through out the space. Most of them had to be split on to a 4x4 matrix router. Amazingly all of them had a clean signal on our first try.
We had 3 live cameras and 3 video switchers with 11 sources.
In this photo you can see my new quad splitter preview monitor. I have built a translucent screen made of velum that hangs in between me and the audience. The audience can see the four input previews. A small projector receives a signal from my real time quad splitter hits the velum making it viewable on both sides.
No more do I have to explain to people what all this equipment is for. No more to I have to hear some request more Hip Hop. No more do I have to tell people the bar is over there! Now that I have this visual aid people get what I'm doing.

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