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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tokyo and Visualux
April 28th- May 8th Lightrhythm Visuals invited me to spend sometime in Tokyo, for Visualux @ Super Deluxe and another one off event.

This was a partially to support the VJ Book 'vE-jA" Book written by Xarene Eskandar.

What an incredible time... both Ben Sheppee from Lightrhythm and Shinji (Visualmixer)really took care of me. Shinji put me up in the super swank, designer hotel "Claska". Ben made sure I had a good time and was able to navigate the subway system in Tokyo.

(Missed Connections- You girl with straight dark hair and gorgeous almond shaped eyes around 5'4" with expensive hand bag)

The famous Shubya intersection and station
It was Golden Week while I was there. Basically 3 holidays in one week so most the country takes the whole week off. Everywhere we went was extremely crowded. Tokyo itself is crowded, now add a holiday to that.

Even the parks are packed
The first event was Visualux, an evening combining presentations, hardware/software demos and A/V performances. I performed with Ian Hartley a true master of audio.

Grant and Ian

Photos by Chiemi
Also performing was Shinji; (Visualmixer) and Jon Schwark of Lightrhythm Visuals demoed the new VDMX 5.

Plus, a brief presentation of the 'vE-jA" book. The place was packed and for a Monday night it was unprecedented.

Super Deluxe

We were featured in Pingmag thanks to Chiemi.
The next Visualux is June 4th w/ VJ Anyone.
The next gig on the Tokyo tour was an event at Club Asia in Shubya.

Club Asia

This was a party that started at 4:00 and ended by 10:00PM. By 6:00PM the dance floor was packed and you would think it was any given dance club around the world on a Saturday night at 2:00AM. The audio talent was a little lacking, but it was a fun event none the less. My new moto: "Don't let Models DJ". That's all I'll say.
Ben and I also checked out Hifana, w/ DJ Kentaro and Pharcyde from LA.
I'd have to say the scratching and A/V set DJ Kentaro laid down was one of the tightest sets I've ever seen.

and this one

The content was just okay, but it was an amazing mix of VJ GEC and Kentaro on the DVJ and korg entrancer.

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