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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Laser Tagging @ the Stunt Awards 2007 After Party

Laser graffiti on a building in the Paramount Lot.
The 2007 Stunt Awards After Party on the Paramount Lot was produced by Keith Gecor Decor and Grace Entertainment/Red Bull.

I was asked to produce the laser graffiti that has been showcased by Graffiti Research Lab. The code was open source and available for "Processing". Jacob Tonski basically rewrote the whole code and added some extra features. In the pics, notice the small squiggles at the bottom of the laser tagging, just below the bird.

By pointing the laser at these icons you could change the brush strokes thickness and color. To the left bottom of the screen is a small box. When the laser beam hits the box it erases the screen.
Guest were invited to come up on the platform and give it a try. As in most cases the kids picked it up better than the adults.

We used a red laser because there were 9 other lasers ranging from 40watt to 3watts projecting all over the 2 block radius of the NYC section of the Paramount Lot. If other lasers hit the area we were tagging it would have conflicted with the tagging we were doing with the hand held lasers. So Jacob isolated the color to just red.
Lasers were provided by Creative Laser Media & Design
Keith Greco Decor created the environment and building projections. Keith wanted a 70's theme. He told me, "Think Burt Reynolds, Hooper, Smokey and the Bandit, Starsky and Hutch, Muscle cars and groovy patterns". That was a tough theme to come up with for the laser graphics.

It was a 3 day install for the lasers, Andrew's team consisted of 9 laser experts. If this were a real city it would be impossible to install all these lasers inside buildings. However, in Hollywood anything is possible.

The buildings during the daytime
The buildings look just like any other building in NYC. However, on the inside they are designed for lighting and rigging. We couldn't have asked for a better environment. We could even pull power straight off the street lamps with a 120 edison plug.

Inside the buildings on the NYC section of the Paramount Lot
Here is some of the other artwork.

And then there is always VJ Culture and his damn flowers

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