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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Red Bull Art of Can 360 green screen shoot
Currently working on Red Bull's Art of Can for Houston TX. The gallery opens July 12th and Larry and I are working on the 360 rotations of the artist's work. We shot the 360's in Houston at VT2 studios. Some pieces were too big to do 360 rotations.
checkout the final pieces at
In this picture we had to use all the green screen material we could just to create enough coverage for this piece.

This shot provided by Larry shows our setup. Some of these pieces required elaborate lighting and masking because of the highly reflective material of the can. Green screen spill and reflection can create huge headaches in post. Some of the shots required shooting through glass and still getting a clean key. The final product was rendered to flv as a alpha channel.

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Imagine If... said...

Hey I am one of the artist from chicago and houston AOC. I just wanted to thankyou for all the hard work you put in on my pieces,"A Casual Toss" and "Fly Fishing" You made them look great!
Kathryn Beale