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Sunday, August 17, 2008

MMA Scion Battleground
Aug. 2nd San Francisco CA
Flavorgroup asked me to create a multi-screen environment for a Scion sponsored event at Fort Mason.
The Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason is a very large pier converted to an event space.
Cable runs, are always hundreds and hundreds of feet. Sean and I spent a full day running cable and hanging screens.

Here is Flavorgroup's verbiage.
On Saturday August 2nd, 2008 over 2000 party people descended on the transformed Fort Mason Festival Pavilion for Scion Battleground. An event originally focused on a fight component, was recreated featuring Hip-Hop heavy hitter Talib Kweli and the surprises didn't stop there. Adding to the frenzy was a high flying ariel antics from the San Francisco based Vau De Vire Society, legendary B Boy Machine and the Renegade Dance crew and a pillow fight from the infamous Suicide Girls. The event proved to be a TKO.

Produced by Flavor Group, Ankh Marketing and Manly Media.

Photos courtesy of Mischief Photos

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