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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Skills Edt. POP 08 @ The Cow Palace Video
I'll post more about this event but, for now here is the video

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AngeDeLumiere12 said...

Loved all the visuals in the main room at Pop this year. I remember loving all the live action shots of the Gogo dancers at lovefest '07 the most. Kind of saw it again at this party but for some reason the fading in and out editing didn't make it look as nice or as sharp and colorful as it did before.
I loved how often all the DJ shots were being used at this party, reminded me a lot of Tiesto's shows a a lot. It was definitely an epic moment when Ferry Corsten played Out of the Blue and then all the cameras focused onto the acrobats coming down from the ceiling.... Wonderful :)

Only thing I'm bummed about is the power going out at the end, I bet you were saving all the best for last huh? We'll never know I guess.