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Thursday, February 19, 2009

EDT Love Skills Feb. 14th show
Regency Ballroom SF CA

Yet another full house Skills event.
Sean had the brilliant idea to mount 4 projectors at the base of the long strips of fabric on stage. The projectors were shooting up the fabric from a couple of feet away.

It was our saving grace for the night. The fog machine was kicking out so much fog most of the night that it was knocking out our other 3 projectors mounted down stage.
I took these photos when there was the least amount of fog.
It certainly captured the attention of the audience.

We were able to run separate images to the various screens on stage by using two V4's and one Vixid mixer.
During the coarse of the evening one of the lasers shot directly into the projector lens and fried the motherboard. Same thing happened last year but in a different room with a different laser. We warned them... They did deliver a beautiful beam though.


Felix said...

top image looks fantastic. What kind of lasers are those?

Industrial Strength said...

thanks this is really amazing...