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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb, 28th Sour Crew-Dakota Lounge- Santa Monica

The closest gig I'll ever do to home.
Come out Sat. Feb. 28th. I'll be remixing and mashing, "SOUR: 4 Peace in the Middle East"
Sour Crew Productions hosts the Hashemite Zion Alchemy LA event at Dakota Lounge. Musical Alchemy includes live performances of multicultural Middle Eastern Hip Hop dynamically combined with the first peace summit hosted by Arab and Jewish skateboarders caught on tape and cut into the documentary, 'SOUR: 4 Peace in the Middle East.'

HZA Artists: HZA combines a unique lineup of Middle Eastern Hip Hop artists with distinct and unique messages of peacemaking and community advocacy even during conflict.
Omar Offendum – Syrian-American LA area MC
Resonant Sun - Bay area MC with track "Oshe Shalom" featured on SOUR soundtrack
Ashkon - Persian American Bay area MC
Special Appearance By - Voice of God (…)
DJ Set By - Step 1

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