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Monday, January 31, 2005

Just look at this line up! Some of the best breaks ever. Freaq nasty, Krafty cuts & Skills, Lorin and Karsh Kale.
I'm just bummed that I was stuck in the Main room all night VJing. Yeah, the music in that room rocked, but it was going off in all the rooms at club 1015.
I only got to experience the other rooms in very short and small doses.

So a hour before Freq goes on they tell me that he has some special video that he wants to play during his set. He says its timed to the music and it has to be played at exactly the right moment.
Then he is concerned about giving it to me. He only brought the movie in quicktime format on a CD Rom. It wasn't even a DVD. That meant that I had to copy the files to my harddrive and then play them out one of my VJ applications.
He was concerned that I might keep them and want to use them for my own sets. I acknowledge that some VJ's have made copies of Dj's visuals before. More than 1 VJ had copied Paul Oakenfold's visuals.
However, this was 3 1 minute long 3D animations of Freq dancing in the street. Typical camera fly by's etc. Why on earth would I want to use animations of Freq Nasty in my own set? I won't comment on the style of the animations. I love the guys music but his animations done by some artist who worked on "Lords of the Ring" have something to be desired of. (It must have been a budget issue).
So after his set I made a point to make sure he watched me delete all the files off my computer.

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