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Monday, January 24, 2005

Pioneer introduces a new DJ mixer (DJM 1000)with midi out off of the crossfader. That's right crossfader only. Unlike the Allen & Heath that has the midi on the EQ's as well as the fader.
What does this all mean?
Well, now you can link your Edirol V4 or VJ app to the crossfader so you A/V artists and DJ/VJ's don't need 4 arms.
It will simplify the mixing between two DVJ's or EJ's or Miss Pinky systems. However, if you are mixing 4 sources you are still only halfway there. Pioneer is working on a true A/V mixer but I don't think it will be out until end of 2005 if we are lucky.
The DJM 1000 does have digital inputs so you can get a lossless audio signal straight into the unit.

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