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Saturday, January 22, 2005

VM03 from Numark

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VJ Culture said...

I just lost an hours worth of reviews on Numark's 3 products.
In short, I love the 3 rack mount monitors. There are two inputs in the back. (Composite only)w/ loop thru so you can use the monitors as a A/B switch and route it to your mixer.
I have mixed reviews on the mixer. It's good for a video DJ, but not all there for a VJ, VJ/DJ or A/V artists.
The DVD players are better than the beta version I saw last year. 1x speed adjustments not 2x. However, it doesn't load into RAM like the DVJ. Hence the price difference between this and the Pioneer DVJ.
Without RAM you don't get seamless actions like looping, queing and speed control.