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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Beatport/Remix Hotel Miami poolside parties
Um....yeah, 4 nights poolside during WMC. I'm just happy Edirol helped make this happen. I really didn't want to get stuck doing visuals in some smokey club in Miami, not when I could spend the early evening doing the same thing poolside with amazing talent and warm weather.
Thursday night (The opener) VJ Anyone threw down for the evening.

Friday Devan and Nika from C-trl Labs lit up the evening for the Minus label which included Ritchie Hawtin. Grandmaster Flash showed up to trainspot. MotherF**** was standing on my pelican cases asking dumb questions.. I was like, "who is this guy"?

Saturday is was dumping. That didn't stop the dancefloor, it was like "girls gone wild" in miami. Way too college crowd gone spring break for my taste. Gotta give it to them though. They stuck it out in the rain. Gear was getting soaked and only my one laptop and DVD player were working.

The parties started at 2:00PM every day. I would have to fight my way through the crowds with my large pelican cases and then try and setup off to the side of the stage where everyone was trainspotting. Luckily nothing got damaged or stolen.

Friday afternoon was the VJ Panel at WMC. Moderated by Andrew Borg of Hi-Beam Entertainment. Lots of good information on this one.
Sandra Collins
Vello Virkhaus - VJ v2
Joshua Goldberg - Saccade
X├írene Eskandar - Author of 'vE-"jA’
Grant Davis - VJ Culture
Chris Biggins - United Vision
Justin Kent - EJ Kent

Xarene and I also hosted a presentation at the Crossfader lounge @ Remix Hotel with Justin Kent from EJ.
Later we did an interview which is on the web site.
check it out here. Xarene and I talk about the vj book, "vE-jA" and the state of vj culture.

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