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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Skills Electro Techno Disco POP 07 SF

Yet another amazing event hosted by Skills. I couldn't believe it. 10,000+ kids. The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium sold out. The doors even got bum rushed at one point.
This crowd was different from the usual crowd. It was like going back to 1993. Glowsticks, pacifiers, cuddle puddles and lots of shiny things.

It was another one of those arrive at 11:00AM and work until doors and work straight through the party until 5:00AM only to get up again at 10:30 to finish strike and then hit the road and drive from SF to LA. Yeah, it was a tough one but, I had great help.
Sean Cooper
Kev Lar
All pulled it off with out any problems.
The video is shot off my little digital still camera so the image and sound quality are pretty bad.

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