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Friday, November 23, 2007

Green screen shoots for Red Bull Art of Can

In July I spent two weeks in Philly and Chicago producing green screen shoots for Red Bull's Art of Can.
We were filming 360 rotations of artists submissions for Red Bull's Art of Can gallery.
Larry was DP on the shoot and in post the compositor.
Because of the highly reflective nature of the cans it posed a huge problem getting a clean key or eliminating the camera or lightings reflection.

We had over 40 subjects to shoot and some of these pieces took hours to setup the shot.
Not to mention some of these pieces were barely being held together.
subjects like this ice cube like sculpture were especially difficult to key in post.


Here is the final video. Our final output was flv with alpha. If you go to the Art of Can site you can see the art pieces as they drop into the gallery.

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