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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hennessy Tour

Xarene and I were asked to create content and VJ the Hennessey Art of Mixing Tour.
The dates.
September 17 -Los Angeles Ne-Yo L.L. Cool J
September 25 -Chicago ft Ashanti
September 27 -Detroit ft Eve
October 1- Miami ft Ne-Yo
October 4 - New Orleans ft Musiq SoulChild

We plugged into a 18mm LED screen and plasma displays for each city.
Pretty much a walk on gig. We used the Edirol V4, PR-80 as a media server and a laptop running modul8. Since the LED screen was a different size at each venue, I was able to shape and size the content running it through Modul8 with real time control.

It really helps when the brand has clear guidelines for content creation. In Hennessy's case they did. We were able to execute with very little back and forth with the client.

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