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Monday, October 20, 2008

San Francisco LoveFest 08

Well for the past 4 years I've been at LoveFest but I've never been outside to experience it.
The schedule goes like this.
9:00AM Load in
9AM-8PM install screens, run cable, setup cameras, projectors and video suite.
Do this in 2 to 3 rooms and don't stop until doors open at 8:00PM
8:00PM VJ the show.
4:00AM strike the video suite
5:00 Leave
10:00AM Strike until 2:00PM
3:00PM Drive back to LA.

This year we used a waterfall screen behind the DJ. Two 6.5k projectors mirrored on the 20x40ft water screen. photo by mischief photo.
Above the water screen was a 15x60ft screen offset in 5ftx12ft strips (built by inflatabill) Hitting those strips were 3 DL1 projectors that were run off my laptop and triplehead2go card. Modul8 was controlling the content and the lighting designer was controlling the movements of the DL1s. Panning, the stage and crowd a 4th DL1 panned the crowd.
We also had 2 15x20ft screens flanking the stage. Each set of screens could have interchanging images. (meaning what went on the water screens could be swapped with what was on the flanking stage screens).
The DJ line up included Armin Van Buren, ABT, Deep Voices, and others.
I animated the Lovefest flyer by breaking the fyler's layers into separate files that could be animated in modul8 and after effects.
In the side room Sean Cooper held down the fort with 5 screens, one of which was a circular screen.
Like every year, it was bust yer butt getting everything setup just before the doors open.

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