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Friday, June 02, 2006

Addictive TV in SF May 2nd

Last night's Eye of the Pilot cinema performance was well executed and put together.
Live Cinema is hard to execute well. Most people including myself find it hard to sit down and watch a video that is non-narrative. No matter how well it is done people fall asleep, leave, whatever. I think the general public doesn't understand what it is. They are curious and want to check it out but they don't know what to expect.
Then when they see a couple of guys on stage gazing into their laptops and don't understand the correlation between the video and the artist they loose interest. I've seen it with some of the best A/V artists in the world. Addictive, Light Surgeons, Peter Greenaway. I think the answer is allowing the viewer to mediate their experience. Meaning, let them mingle, go to the bar, move from room to room. I know it breaks from the traditional viewing experience, but until we as artists have a full theatrical performance few people will really be interested. But how can we as artists be more entertaining in a sit down performance environment?
Addictive TV's Wed night show is more of a club experience. VideoJon and Kevlar from Lightrhythm Visuals opened the set.
unfortunately, the promoter had booked Addictive to close the party. On a Wed night they should have been playing at 11:00PM not 1:00. A lot of people left just as it was getting good. The later half of Addictive TV's DJ/VJ set was amazing. Well executed, with tight moments of A/V and breaks where Graham was just VJing. The content was strong and the music and visual worked very well together.

Big props to Microcinmea for all the hardwork in bringing Addictive TV to San Francisco and hosting the VJ Soriee.
Don't get me wrong, "Eye of the Pilot" is brilliant and I encourage others to check it out if you get the chance.

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