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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Big One
Sasquatch Music Festival
For those that don't know about this venue, it probably one of the most beautiful venues in the US. Yes, even better than Red Rocks. Situated on the cliff of a gorgeous gorge in the middle of Washington state.
The venue holds 20,000 people and on Sunday the venue was sold out. The 3 day festival hosts numerous bands all day and night. (check the lineup on the link above).

For us we arrived early in the morning. We got off the bus and immediately began setup. Then by 11:30 we had to strike everything, cover it with plastic and wait for the rest of the day until 10:00PM.
This is the one place that waiting all day couldn't be more pleasurable. Full catering all day with a view like this.
The weather was windy but pleasant. It was a scene backstage. All the bands were hanging out on the grass next to the edge of the cliff.
By showtime the crowd was probably burnt from being in the sun and wind and rain for 3 days but you wouldn't know it. They loved the puppets and Beck and Band rocked it. The crowd didn't want to leave at the end of the show.
Again it was challenge to setup 2 Barco projectors that weight 120lbs each, double stack them and then line them up during the day. All day the wind was blowing so strong that the truss and projectors were swaying by the wind.
As soon as beck came on the wind totally died down and we had a smooth show.
We left the gorge after striking the stage. Sometime around 2:30AM. We jumped on the bus and headed to Santa Cruz a 15 hour drive.

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