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Friday, June 02, 2006

Beck Summer Tour Bend OR.
We arrived in Bend OR. a day before the event so we had an evening off. During the day there was hail the size of almonds.
The Bend venue is outside and it's freezing cold. There are kids at the gate that have been waiting since 9:00AM and it's cold and threatens to rain. Summertime outdoor events are a HUGE challenge for projection. The show starts before it's dark enough to focus and zoom the projectors. There isn't a projector out there that can compete with the sun. Few people realize this and when they expect to have a projector ready to roll when the sun goes down is not realistic.
Tonight we had projector issues. Maybe because it was cold, I don't know but the projector was not focusing. The show was held up due to the projector. We had to lower the truss in-between the opening act and Beck to fix the projector. Once we got it focused we had another issue. There appeared to be a menu of the projector burned into the screen. We were frantically try to fix it with no luck. We had to start the show with the image screwed up.
Somehow 4 songs into the show the image cleared up.
The Bend OR. crowd rocked. They were really into it. The band pulled off a great show.
Afterwards we had to go talk to management and the band about what happened. Honestly, we still don't know why the projector behaved the way it did. We had to take responsibility for it and it was a huge blow to the ego.

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