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Friday, June 02, 2006

Beck Summer Tour
I was still wrapping up things in NYC when I got a call from Mike D-Fuse from London about touring with Beck. Mike just had a baby and couldn't make the tour. (Thanks Mike). Two days later I'm on tour with Beck. Our first gig was in Davis CA.

I drove up to Davis and joined the first show. Wow, Beck's show is diverse and really fun.

I'm mixing live cameras of puppets on a replica of the stage. The puppet stage has amazing details of the same stage the band is playing on. The Puppets are replicas of the band members. Everything the band does the puppets do...and sometimes the other way around.

Each show requires us to go around the city we are playing and shot footage of the puppets running around town. Then the video is edited, shown to the band and then they create voice over for the puppets. Then back to editing to drop in the voice over and burn it to DVD. So far each show has left Keith the editor and cameraman scrambling to get the video finished before the show starts.

Keith leaves the video to me to encode so he can get some dinner before we go on stage. Literally, the DVD finished burning minutes before the show starts. The results are fantastic. People love seeing the puppets running around their town and the commentary of the band is absolutely hilarious.
A great review can be found here.

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