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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ed's Drum kit
Pictured above is a snap shot of Ed's drum kit. The guy has an amazing drum setup, we have to keep consistent heat on the drums 24/7 so they don't go out of tune. The MIDI drums to the side are sending out MIDI on/off notes to the MIDI matrix router and then into motion dive vj software. It then triggers small flash files that have a quick and accurate response to the trigger.

The Today show NBC was filming next to the stage yesterday. Al Roker and the Mayor of Torino (Pictured above). So far we haven't had any rain or snow here in the city. We have befriended the NBC production team. Since our label mistakenly forgot to get me credentials the NBC crew has had to get me into the Piazza before it opens to the public.
security is tight, every possible police agency in the country and probably the CIA as well are here. Cameras are everywhere.
The Olympic torch came past our stage the other night. Next to me is one of the carriers.
She had a death grip on the torch, I couldn't get it out of her hands so I could take a picture of me on the ground with the flame out. (she is soo Italian)
It was a total media circus when the torch came by. People pushing to get a picture.
Early in the day protesters were able to stop the torch procession. There is a lot opposition to a new railway system that is proposed to cut through Europe and one of the stops is here in Torino. It's displacing people so naturally there are protests.

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