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Sunday, February 26, 2006

White Night Again!
Tonight the city of Torino decided to host another White Night (An evening where all the shops and stores stay open until 3:00AM).
We did two shows tonight, one at 7:00 and another at 11:00PM. They were our best shows yet. You would think that after 18 shows we would be tight. It was also our largest crowds. People are waiting in line for an 45 minutes to go through security to get into the Piazza.
The first photo is a shot of the line to get on the bus. These people were going to be waiting a very long time.
The second shot is of the crowds out on the street.
The third photo is of our stage for our final night.
It's amazing to see families out walking around at 3:00AM. People of all ages are roaming.
Young groups of teenagers are running around and yet there is no violence. They may be drunk, loud and obnoxious but, no one is fighting.
We returned to the apartment around 4:30 and the streets were still packed with people.

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