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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Projectors on Ice
For the first 10 shows they would kick everybody off the ice rink and bring the projectors out on the ice so we could do our show. We hated the fact that all these people would have to leave the ice, it would kill the energy. We fought with the city and the director of the Piazza to find a way to keep the rink open. Finally, they agreed and regardless of how dangerous it is to have people skating around projectors on the ice, the energy of our shows are much better.
Pictured above... This would never happen in the states.
Ice, beginner skaters and $6000.00 projectors sitting on top of a IKEA shelf. It's a recipe for disaster.
I'm glad they're not my projectors.
Each night they have to find 4 volunteers to be a human shield between the skaters and the projectors.

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