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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

vj suite setup
Here is how it all works.
On my setup, pictured on top, I have the Numark 3 rack monitors, motion dive console and UC33 controller.
The UC33 controller, is controlling Arkaos on the PC, the PR-80 (transition and speed control) and Arkaos on the 17" mac.
motion dive console is controlling motion dive on the 15" mac.
The fade to black knob on my V4 is controlling the fade to black on the Edirol HD mixer and another V4 via midi.
On top of the rackcase is the CG-8, UM-550 recieving MIDI from all the poets and distributing the midi from my UC33.
Below the UM-550 I have the Soundcraft compact 4 sending audio out of the PR-80 to the front of house. We have 2 minute clips from contributing musicians that have been downloaded from the web to the PR-80. Shorter clips are being triggered in arkaos and motion dive via Ableton Live and MIDI.
We are recording all the shows on the JVC HHD and then burning DVD's at the end of the night.
The PR-80 at the bottom of the rack is being sent to the HD mixer on the SD bus, firewire to the PC laptop via Arkaos and another firewire cable is sending it to the 17"mac via Arkaos.
My V4 goes directly into the HD mixer's SD bus. Along with the submixer that Sean is working. We also have a live cam (Sony PD-150) going into the HD mixer as well and then all SD channels are being scaled to HD via the internal scaling on the HD mixer.
We then send everything out VGA to VGA to CAT5 converters and then to a DA for the 8 projectors.
Sean is mixing with 4 DVD players and Motion dive.
He loads the titles of the contributing artists into motion dive and brings them in at the end of the triggered artists.
We can also route some of our SD signals via the 4x4 matrix router.
All of the mix also goes out to the Poets, 10" preview monitors, glasses screens and buildings.

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