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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Museo Nazionale del Cinema
Sean and I took a trip to the National Cinema museum here in Torino.
Torino had the first movie studio in Europe.
The Museum is filled with old projectors starting around the 1700's.
The whole progression of image projection is covered by the installation.
(Even Balinese shadow puppets before then).
Projection images were commonly used by spiritualist and traveling fairs.
A Priest in the 1600's conceived the idea of using light based art to engage the congregation.
Today we are seeing the same thing happen in the AV worship industry. Full HD mixing stations with 10K projectors and DMX controlled light show are common in some of the larger churches around the US.
Pictured above are a series of Magic Boxes, viewed at traveling fairs. Guest would pay a half pence and look through box.
I guess that would have been my job in those days.

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