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Sunday, February 19, 2006

White Night
Tonight is White Night, all the stores stay open until 3:00AM and there is music in the streets until 5:00AM. It's a huge party. The streets are packed with people. I find it amazing that even though everyone is partying and drinking no one is fighting.
If this were to happen in the states, there would be fights breaking out every where. The police would be chasing people and in riot gear. Even though it was noisy everyone seemed to be having a good time. The city just announced that they are going to do it again next weekend. I guess they did pretty well in sales last night.
Pictured above. The Buses were packed with people. (Think Tokyo at rush hour). Also, pictured above, our stage during our show. We had a good turn out last night. We did a 7:00PM show and another one at 11:00PM. We had some local musicians join us. I really liked the style they brought to the show. Bongos and acoustically guitar, with a Italian folk twist.

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