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Saturday, February 25, 2006

My First Game
Today, I finally got to go to an Olympic event. It was the Men's 15000 Meter.
On the way there we passed the Olympic Village. You have to have security clearance to get in. If you don't you can't come with a half mile of the village. It's like the Green Zone. You have to have full have a security check performed weeks ago.
We had to have that just for the sponsor village.
Security here is very tight. There are different divisions of police all over the town.
Just to get into the Track Oval for the Men's race we had to go through security. It was raining and they won't allow large umbrellas into the Oval. small foldup ones are okay. I had a small carabiner on my belt. I had to leave it with the police at the security check point, same with the umbrella. However, people are very honest about picking up only their own belongings after the event.
The Dutch were out in force for the speed skating.
They are crazy about their skaters. The guy in the orange is your typical Dutch Olympic fan. They all dress up like they are at some post Burning Man party, but all in orange. The stadium was very orange. One of the Dutch skaters set a new world record that day. The Oval exploded in cheers and celebration. One thing I've noticed about Dutch and Italians, they don't like to wait in lines. If they get the chance they will cut right in front of you. I was in line to buy some snacks during a break. I was surrounded by orange and people constantly trying to cut in front of you. I had to give this old lady the elbow because she won't get behind me.

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