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Friday, February 10, 2006

View from the apt. and Rendering
IMG has rented us three apartments for the month of Feb. Sean Cooper and I are staying at fat pad right in the middle of Torino. A half a block away is the Medal Ceremony Plaza. (Photos to come soon)
Above are views out our window.
The second shot is in our apartment. Since we couldn't move on to the stage for 4 days we setup a rendering farm in the apartment. The work load since arrived has been enormous. We have to process and add backgrounds to our video shoots with artists collaborators. For days before leaving we invited musicians to come into the studio and record to a set tempo.
(See One of 10 tracks, from there we send the audio into protools for cleaning up and then export to Ableton Live. The video gets processed in After Effects where we change the green screen backdrop to the color of choosing.
Then the video is loaded into Arkaos and Motion Dive. During our performance Ableton Live quantizes the audio and sends a MIDI trigger into either of the two VJ applications (Motion Dive and Arkaos). Then the recorded performers appear on the screens and buildings with the VJ mix. We have collaborators from all over the world sending us their recorded audiovisual performance. See the listed website above for more info.

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