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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Be The Riottt (Riottt Festival SF)
First off, checkout
It's a great new site with a strong vision of underground culture and vision.
With Flavorgroup ( they organized one of the leading music festivals on the planet for indie/hiphop/punk culture.
The line up was sick and we were commissioned to bring visuals to the main stage at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and the side hip hop room.
The main stage had 15 9x12 screens and 2 15x20ft screens on either side of the stage.
we had 5 different feeds going out to the projectors. One of the feeds coming in was a photo booth located on the dance floor. Guest could have a series of pictures taken (like a photo booth) and then they would get prints of their photos and a wireless transmission of the photo would be sent to the VJ booth and mixed live with the visuals.
Casey Bishop and Pete (from "thisispete) provided the visuals in the hip hop room.
This was a marathon of video mixing. Basically a 11 hour show.
In the Main room Chris from Brotherhood of Light and I held down the main mix for the majority of the day and night.
It took 2 Edirol V4's and 1 Edirol HD440 to pull off the matrix of images.

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